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Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way

Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way describes six key factors in choosing curriculum that meet the needs of the student, teacher, and family alike. This refreshing perspective on choosing curriculum creates a solid stepping stone for those venturing in to their own uncharted waters of educating their children.

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Entering the High School Zone

Does the idea of homeschooling a high school student strike fear deep into your heart? Or maybe you’re “in the trenches” of homeschooling high school and looking for direction. Homeschool consultant Deanne Crawford gives you a road map for navigating high school in these practical videos.

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The Art-Full Day

Art is an amazingly versatile subject area, and homeschool consultant Sara Rask is here to show you all about it! Did you ever realize how easy it can be to integrate art into your core subjects like math, language arts, or even science?

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Opening the Window to Foreign Language

Almost every homeschooling mom wants her children to have some kind of exposure to a foreign language… But unless you’re bilingual yourself, teaching it can be a whole different matter. Thankfully, there are a bunch of really great curriculum options available to you.

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Level-Headed Language Arts

Language Arts. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But when you realize that it includes English, grammar, writing, spelling, literature, phonics, penmanship… It gets complicated so quickly. But what if it could be thought of as a beautiful woven rug instead of a plate of spaghetti?

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Science Unsnarled

Are you experimentally challenged? If so, there’s hope! And even if science is right up your alley… When you look at all the curriculum choices out there, it can be a bit like trying to untangle the extension cords from your last home improvement project.

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Becoming a Unit Study PRO

Whether you want ready-made unit studies or the tools to develop your own, this workshop could be the answer! In this workshop, consultant Deanne Crawford provides an overview and explanation of definitions, curriculum comparisons, and resources for implementing unit studies into your home.

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