Create trees throughout the seasons! In this lesson, you’ll learn about line, shape, and texture: the first three elements of art. Enjoy works of art from the masters like Van Gogh, Signac, and more. Using lines and shapes, you’ll get to create your own works of art inspired by the masters, then color them to make them your very own. You’ll also learn how to draw funny, cartoon-style trees. Includes a short Bible lesson based on Psalm 1:3 and 1 Chronicles 16:33 and the folk tale The Tale of Three Trees.

Elements of Art:

Art Appreciation:
Van Gogh

Mixed Media
Cartoon Drawings

Have artwork of your own to share from this lesson?

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We can’t wait to see your creativity!

Carl Larsson - Våren
Van Gogh - Herbstlandschaft
Pieter Bruegel - Hunters in the Snow
Paul Signac - The Pine Saint Tropez