Learn to draw a graceful swan and a beautiful ballerina! In this lesson, you’ll learn about line & shape: the first two elements of art. Be inspired by impressionistic artwork like Degas’ ballerinas, or the early American naturalist works of Audobon. Using lines and shapes, you’ll get to create your own works of art inspired by the masters, then color them to make them your very own! Includes a short Bible lesson based on Psalm 139:14 and the classic children’s story, The Ugly Duckling.

Element of Art:

Art Appreciation:
John James Audubon
Birds of America
Jaques Charles Oudryz
Arkady Rylov
Anna Pavlova
Swan Lake

Faux Watercolor
Mixed Media

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We can’t wait to see your creativity!

Audubon - Common American Swan
Oudry - Un Chien Barbet Surprenant un Cygne
Rylov - Blue Expanse
Degas - Dancer with Bouquet of Flowers
Degas - Fin d' Arabesque