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Frogs & Center of Interest (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 7)

In this lesson, we will study an important principle of design (art)—center of interest or emphasis. The center of interest is where we first look when viewing a picture or work of art. First, we’ll look at master artists, and see how they use this principle of design in their artwork. Then we’ll apply this principle to create a center of interest in our own pictures.

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Sculptures and Form (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 6)

In this lesson, we will study the element of art, form—objects having three dimensions. Form is very important in sculptures, since they have depth as well as width and height. In this lesson’s project, we’ll use the elements of art, shape and form to create a sculpture of Pinocchio. First, we’ll draw a preliminary sketch of the shapes and then create the forms in clay.

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Rabbits in Art (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 3)

In this lesson, we are going to study rabbits—a precious subject in art. Using the elements of art, line and shape, we’ll define the structure of rabbits, but most important in this lesson, we’ll cover texture, another element of art. First, we’ll look at paintings by master artists and learn how they interpreted rabbits in nature. Then we’ll use the elements of art to create our own pictures.

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Line and Shape with Swans (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 1)

Learn to draw a graceful swan and a beautiful ballerina! In this lesson, you’ll learn about line & shape: the first two elements of art. Be inspired by impressionistic artwork like Degas’ ballerinas, or the early American naturalist works of Audobon. Using lines and shapes, you’ll get to create your own works of art inspired by the masters, then color them to make them your very own! Includes a short Bible lesson based on Psalm 139:14 and the classic children’s story, The Ugly Duckling.

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Art Through the Year with Sharon Jeffus – Lesson 8 – Perspective and Portraiture with Chalk Pastels

Take a journey through art with Sharon Jeffus! In this lesson, use chalk pastels to explore the concept of perspective as you draw crosses. Then, work from a master piece of art by Renoir as you learn the art of portraiture. Along the way, you’ll see paintings from the masters, like Thomas Cole, Thomas Moran, and Frederic Church.

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