This science kit is designed to introduce early science and chemistry concepts to very young kids through fun and engaging activities.

Eight suggested activities are given in the experiment book, including investigations on solubility of different powders, pH, how the temperature of water affects solubility, evaporation of salt water to make dissolved salt “reappear,” investigating gelatin and color, and microscopic investigations. Included in the kit are gelatin, baking soda, citric acid, a Petri dish, measuring spoon, blank and prepared slide, pH testing strips, small capped containers, small magnifier, pipette, two plastic cups, and a simple but decent small plastic microscope. A nice thing about this kit is that a lot all the materials are safe, the investigations don’t require a lot of time, and older kids can even do them with younger ones. And of course, the materials are commonly-used and easily “refillable” if they get hooked.

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