This series provides a wonderful start in piano for any beginning student.

Two levels of entry make it easy to use with younger as well as slightly older children who are beginning piano lessons. If your child is ages 5-7, start them out in Primer A and B. Primer A gives them a simple introduction to the piano, and them teaches them a few songs using just the black keys. Then the white keys right around middle C are introduced, beginning with two on each side (so each hand plays middle C and two other notes) accompanied by songs to practice. The songs are displayed by music notes with numbers corresponding to the correct finger. The book progresses, adding new keys/notes until by the end of the book students are playing all nine notes of the Middle C position and the music is shown on a staff. Primer B picks up where this book leaves off, introducing two other simple positions as well as some beginning sharps and flats and other easy music concepts.

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