It’s simple, inexpensive, and you and your student can work through this book together in about an hour. It’s some test prep that you will actually do!

While it may not have as much test practice as some of the larger books, I found the sampling of math, reading, writing and language questions in this workbook very helpful. Students can have a fear of the unknown, resulting in test anxiety and thus, a less-than-accurate test score. When students know what to expect, the stress is reduced.

Answers to the sample questions are explained. For example, you learn why the answer is not A, B, or C and why D is the best answer. This gives your student insight on what to look for as they read the test questions on the actual test day.

If you have had older students take the SAT, then you – the parent or teacher – will appreciate learning just what changes are in the new test for spring 2016. The new SAT is becoming more like the ACT, but the details are clearly laid out for you here. I was a little surprised at the essay question frankly. Students are to read a passage and do a critique on the author’s writing quality and structure. Knowing such information will certainly affect how your student prepares for the optional essay portion, for example.

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