Even if your childhood was decades ago, you’ll remember this favorite “first” game. It’s “sweet” in the old-fashioned meaning of the word rather than the newer colloquial meaning.

The colorful playing board includes peppermint stick forest, crooked old peanut brittle house, molasses swamp, gumdrop mountains, lollipop woods, candy hearts, and my personal favorite, ice cream floats. The plastic gingerbread men playing pieces follow the path by drawing a color card and going to the next available color patch. When a picture card is drawn, the player moves to the space matching the picture (all those sweets). The winner is the first one to reach home sweet home (you guessed it – a candy house). It’s the perfect first game because no reading is required, and something you may have not known, this favorite was developed in the late 40s by a retired schoolteacher as a fantasy game to help cheer young children recovering from polio. This version is a reproduction of the original game. For 2-4 Players.