Visual Manna Academy has been in the making for nearly 15 years. Over fifteen years ago, Visual Manna Academy opened as a non profit to train Christian young people with excellence in the communication arts. The week after it began, its founder Richard Jeffus was killed in a tragic accident and it immediately shut down. After many exciting things occurring to make it happen, Visual Manna Academy is going to open again. Our slogan is “BE BOLD, BE ORIGINAL AND BE EXCELLENT.”

Our program consists of nearly 100 power points including AP Studio Art, AP Drawing and AP English Literature, and Journalism. It is an intensive arts course that will cover high school art history, the elements and principles of art, and techniques in media in order to provide students who are gifted in the arts with a cohesive program and excellent training. We will work with students in preparing a professional digital portfolio and in getting internships and jobs.

Students can do online classes at their own pace, or schedule a one week intensive program. Although we will be taking some online students this summer, the program will be based in Kansas City, MO and will officially begin in the fall of 2017. When students finish the 20 hours of class, they will complete two art mission trips to use the skills they have acquired.

For more information go to or email Sharon Jeffus.