Get Into Art is the title of this series by author Susie Brooks, and do you ever get into art!

I reviewed the Places book, but they all follow the same format. Students see a famous painting by a famous artist on a 2-page spread. On the right page is a 4.5” flap with the title of the painting, the artist and year it was painted, interesting facts about the painting and some details to notice. A short biographical blurb tells you about the artist.

The best part is revealed when you open the flap! This is where the student is guided step-by-step with instructions & illustrations to create their own masterpiece in the style of the famous painting. These are very workable projects and give you the essence of the artist translated for a young student in 4 easy steps. Books are hardcover and lay open nicely.

This is a great way to introduce art and artists to your children at home, in a classroom or in a co-op setting. Supplies needed are common (paints, brushes, construction paper, chalks, markers, glue, ruler, etc.) but you will want some heavy art paper for the best results.

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