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Reading Lessons Through Literature

What does a busy homeschooling mom of several children want when it comes to teaching reading? How about a . . . 1). Pick-up-and-go. 2). Strong, phonics-based instruction. 3). Reasonable price. 4). A focus on the beginning reader. 5). Lists of spelling words. 6). An easy-to-find set of stories to read.

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Who Was Ghandi?

These biographies highlight the lives of famous people in a story-telling format. The easy-to-read stories are captivating and black and white illustrations are featured on every page.

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Kid’s Guide to Exploring Nature

The art of nature study is immensely pleasurable and educational for our children. However, as parents we often experience frustration at how to provide a worthwhile study. If this describes you, this book may quickly become your most valuable tool in the pursuit of nature studies.

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Small Talk

Subtitled, How to Develop Your Child’s Language Skills from Birth to Age Four. There are some books that I call “theoretically practical”: they provide you a wealth of hands-on application backed up with lots of theory, research and support. Small Talk gets a high rating in this category.

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