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    Out of curiosity, what language(s) do you have your kids learn & why those languages? How many languages do your kids learn? How much say do they have in the languages they learn?

    I’ll start.

    Athena: She has always been resistant to learning languages. We’ve been working on Latin for years, but she puts no effort into it. She started Spanish, but quit rather quickly. She has been enjoying ASL, though. She wants to learn French & Gaelic, so as soon as we can afford it, she’ll get started with those.

    Ares: He really enjoys languages. He is currently studying Latin & ASL. Next year he will start Spanish. He has expressed interest in French & Mandarin, so we’re trying to figure out how to afford those.

    We do Latin because there are just so many benefits to studying it. Spanish is because we have a rather large Spanish-speaking population here, so it would be useful. ASL is because I have some hearing loss & it seems to be getting slightly worse. Athena also has some hearing problems. So, one day, it might be necessary for us.

    Honestly, it bothers me that Athena is so resistant to studying Latin, as I really feel it would benefit her. The only other language I am truly requiring of them is ASL. All others are really up to them.

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