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    Chad Stembridge
      [li]Homeschool Approaches Overview[/li]
      [li]Individual Approaches (one video on each — not necessarily full-length workshops)[/li]
      [li]Specific workshops from the FAMILY idea: [/li]
      [li]Philosophy of Education[/li]
      [li]Approaches to Homeschooling[/li]
      [li]Money Factors (Budgeting)[/li]
      [li]Individual Learning Styles[/li]
      [li]Life Situations[/li]
      [li]You, the Teacher[/li]
      [li]Homeschooling Through Crises[/li]
      [li]Common Core[/li]
      [li]Homeschooling Options (charter schools, online, curriculum, etc. — could be an overview of all of them, or individual short workshops/videos)[/li]
      [li]Scheduling courses/record keeping (online tutorial)[/li]
      [li]Cooking in the Classroom[/li]
      [li]Introduction to Learning a Language[/li]
      [li]How to Organize your Homeschool[/li]
      [li]Intro to Rainbow’s Starter Packages[/li]
      [li]How to Get Legal Info for Homeschooling[/li]
      [li]How to Get Connected to Other Homeschoolers (overview of types of groups, like co-ops, support groups, state organizations, online groups, etc. — and what they offer)[/li]
      [li]Homeschool Co-ops[/li]
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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