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    Renee Goins

    I have three kids and they are evil. By evil means that they are the biggest reason of my headache and sometimes I just cannot tolerate their voices. Unfortunately. My family is forcing me to homeschool them because if they go to school, they will destroy it.

    I am just a simple academic writer who gives essay help to the students in need. My job is to write about a lot of things but unfortunately, I never in my life write or even read about the disadvantages of the homeschooling. That is why I am writing this post and want to make my question public so I can get as many disadvantages as possible.

    I want to know this so I can tell them to my family and can convince them to let me send my kids to the school for all sorts of education so I can live peacefully for some time. Kindly do reply to my post and help me.


    Sam Bill

    Hi Renee,

    I am in the same boat as you are however right now I am exploring different options, here is my current situation:

    – 5 Kids
    – All of them school going age
    – Currently attending a private school

    Now the problem I am facing is as follows:

    – The public / private education system currently enforced all over the world was designed to full fill the needs of “Industrial Revolution”.
    – Therefore we have an emphasis on 3R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).
    – Currently nearly half of American students drops out of college(goo.gl/vqx7gQ)
    – It is not a failure on part of students it is a failure of the education system
    – In 21st century the skills taught in schools should be based on “Information Age” requirements however this is not the case and it is creating a distance between students and the education system.
    – The skills needed for this century in my view should be as follows:
    Creative thinking or Problem solving
    Problem Solving
    Digital literacy

    And current public and private education system is not full filling these needs, just because instead of Pen and Paper we are now using Laptops or Surface / iPads doesn’t make my kids “Digital Literate” :).

    My Kids they see no value into what they are learning at school and they channel their frustration either by rebellious behaviour or total disregard of the system A.K.A “Driving me Nuts”.

    So right now I am contemplating different options. I cannot control the education system however I can control my home environment and for me my kids are my biggest investment.

    What I am looking for is a system in which I can prepare my kids for the future which is yet to arrive and I have no idea how it will look like, so my search is still going on. What are your thoughts?


    Samuel Garza

    Yeah I recently did a youtube video on this topic as to why, regardless of difficulties, homeschooling is supreme – right here:

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