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    Anyone want to share their plans or menu for Thanksgiving?

    Ours will be a little unusual this year. We’ll be going to my step-mom’s for Thanksgiving on Friday. However, Thursday it will be just the four of us, so we decided to forego the big, expensive meal. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we’re having:
    crepes with cherry filling, blackberry filling, apple filling, and coconut whipped cream
    baked apples (one of my husband’s favorite foods)
    homemade bread
    Turkish delight
    for the main course I am combining a recipe for lamb skewers with a recipe for lamb shawarma & replacing the lamb with bison.

    We will watch a movie or a few episodes of a tv show. We will probably play a game or two. Mostly, we’ll relax & just enjoy being with each other.

    Tuesday or Wednesday, the kids will help me in the kitchen as I bake bread for Thursday & a few breads to take with on Friday.

    It’s looking like it will be a pretty low-stress week. We have the bread to bake, which is no big deal. My daughter is converting to Judaism, so we’ll be having a special meal on Wednesday for the first day of Hanukkah. Thursday’s Thanksgiving should be pretty stress-free. Friday’s Thanksgiving will be pretty relaxing & enjoyable – I’ll get to help cook & do food prep, talk to family & friends, enjoy good food & company, and the evening generally ends with a game. I love when we have calm holidays instead of overly-stressful. It’s so much easier to enjoy the holiday & the company when I’m not stressing out over something.

    So what are your plans? Do you have relaxing or stressful days ahead this upcoming week?

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