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    I have a question about the 4th grade curriculum but it may relate to the other grade levels. I am posting here in case anyone else has the same question (rather than using the chat service that has been so helpful to me before).

    I am mostly an afterschooler but am currently teaching one child at home using K12 curriculum. In the past, you all pointed me in the direction of Math Mammoth which I do like very much. But right now, for my 4th grader, I am looking for a curriculum that matches up to the K12 math curriculum. It looks like Primary Math is a great fit, it is aligned to the California Standards (not sure if old or new) and that seems to possibly be how K12 is aligned but it took me 3/4 of the school year to figure this out. K12 Math is not a bad program, it seems to teach concepts well but what drives me crazy is there is no rhyme or reason to how the units/lessons are structured as far as direct teaching with parent vs online lesson vs indep work. So I always have to be on call for math lessons. I also like having a textbook that covers all the direct teaching aspects (Math Mammoth spoiled me).

    So all this is background to my questions. I just purchased the 4th grade Standards ed from you – I bought the textbook and workbook but NOT the homeschooling teacher’s book. I thought I would not need that. But with only the text and workbook I am unsure of what pacing is usually followed. First, should I have bought the homeschooling teacher’s book? Second, how does Primary Math intend the textbook to be used in relation to the workbook? Does the teacher sit down with the student and work through the textbook as direct teaching every lesson? Assign workbook as independent work? The lessons within the unit seem rather long to be done in one sitting if you are doing both text and workbook. Do people just go by time spent on math and then call it a day? I prefer to follow a set sequence of activities rather than go by time. I see in Primary Math, the lessons in the textbook have matching work in the workbook. But then sometimes there are Practice pages in the textbook that have no work in the workbook. There are review sections for each unit that have corresponding work in the workbook too.

    Any tips about how to sync up the Math work by unit/lesson between the textbook and workbook would be greatly appreciated. Or just tell me I need to buy the homeschooling teacher’s book. I would have done that but it seemed like more than I actually needed. Plus we have checkpoints and tests we will do in K12 anyway to mark our progress with the objectives.

    Thanks so much and sorry for the long post!

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