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    Stephanie Klements


    Just wondering if anyone has feedback on the program Switched on Schoolhouse Science. I’ve looked for reviews specifically for Science, but haven’t found much. I’d like to make sure that the information is accurate. Some of the reviews regarding other areas have warned that the curriculum contains misinformation or is poorly written.




    Since you have an interest in science.

    I am designing a book to create an energy abundance movement for conservatives. This book is about using waste products to create energy without using the valuable resources of soil and water. The renewable energy solutions presented, provide an environmentally friendly method to implement the current administrations energy policy. The use of algae will solve the world’s energy and food problems.

    The current environmentalist movement has taken the approach of telling everyone they need to cut back on energy usage & consumption. That approach is doomed for failure because our population continues to increase which increases the overall demand for energy.

    Vegans are trying to claw their way into the political mainstream because cattle create a majority of our civilization’s methane. Their only solution is to stop eating cattle. The solution is to feed cattle algae so that they do not create methane gas during digestion. Algae can be grown in ocean salt in the desert versus land plants which need prime farmland and fresh drinking water.

    This book presents solutions which can be implemented in the desert with waste products such as sewage and carbon dioxide. I am presenting solutions which will provide humanity with an abundance of food and energy to meet future demand.

    This is a prototype book I am using to test the markets for product development and to raise money for the final versions of the book. I need money to hire graphic artists and voice actors to turn this book into an animated book everyone can understand. I also plan on developing additional content.
    I plan on developing a print version of the book as well.

    I plan on marketing this book to conservatives and more specifically conservative home school families. This is an educational book which presents a viable alternative to the mainstream environmentalist movement.

    Check out my website and give me some feedback.

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