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    With Athena, I never had to worry too much about what she was reading, because she always read a wide variety. She was an early & strong reader who reads voraciously & above grade level. So, I didn’t actually do any ‘Required Reading’ for school until she started high school level English. Ares, is different, though. He was also an early & strong reader, and he is a voracious reader & reading well above grade level. However, he does his best to stick to the same few genres. So, this year we started ‘Required Reading’ because I want him to read more variety. The original list was 21 books, but I have already had to add to it, doubling it in size, in order to make sure there are enough to last the whole year (the school year started in April).

    What I’m wondering is, how do you all choose books for ‘Required Reading’ for your kids?

    I can’t just find a list for a specific grade, because it would be too limited in the range that he reads. I’m currently working on the list for next year. I have about 70 books ranging 5th – 10th grades. I am trying to cut that down to 40 books for next year, leaving the others for the following year. I’m not really sure how to cut it down, though. I’ve tried asking his opinion, and that usually just ends in more books being added to the list. Any ideas?

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