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    I am homeschooling my children but instead of using printing materials I am using online curriculum. Am I doing the right thing? Is anybody out there doing it?



    I am familiar with this program. It is a great one to use for homeschooling kids. Here is just small piece of it.

    Free online lessons to try out from eTutor Virtual Learning:

    Mathematics lesson for High School students: Similarity Theorems – https://etutorunplugged.com/sample/full/similarity-theorems?etutor=true

    Science lesson for Middle/Junior High School students: The Amazing Universe – https://etutorunplugged.com/sample/full/the-amazing-universe?etutor=true

    Social Studies lesson for Intermediate students: What Do You Need? – https://etutorunplugged.com/sample/full/what-do-you-need?etutor=true

    Language Arts lesson for Primary students: The Mouse And The Lion – https://etutorunplugged.com/sample/full/the-mouse-and-the-lion?etutor=true


    Todd Johnson

    Though not a curriculum, I recommend giving Knowlounge a try if you’re teaching students long distance or even if your students are working with other homeschool students remotely. Since it gives you a whiteboard that you can share and add images/pdfs to you can use it quite similar to a classroom environment (while being able to see and hear each other via webcam).


    Andy Tebay

    There is also a new app Know Recorder too which lets you lets you pre-record classes rather than do them live.



    Hi since the beginning of my homeschool journey, I’ve supported my homeschool activities with online learning as a complement, mainly for math and language arts. I personally love LearnAlly as they give explanation to every answer. Have a look and decide yourself.

    Happy homeschooling!


    April Niccolai

    I’ve never heard of this before, I’m checking it out now, thanks for the share!



    There is also a low cost online learning site called http://www.schoolhouseteachers.com

    Description from their website:
    They have more than 250 classes for preschool through high school. Courses vary in length and intensity, from a few weeks to a full year or more.

    Classes are not live, so you always have the option of starting any course at any point in time. You mostly either print the lessons, and/or view the videos and print the worksheets after.

    Price is monthly for $12.95 each month or save over 10% on a one-year membership for $139. One fee serves your entire family. Anyone living in your home can use the site 24/7.

    It’s working so far for my only child. We can go at our own pace and we can pick and choose from the courses we want. Easily adaptable and fairly affordable.

    Hope this helps!


    Homeschool Base

    Honestly, there are so many resources out there you should never have a problem. If you ever need to find something you don’t already know about, there are some amazing Facebook groups, and you can always just Google it. If you ever have trouble with Google, you might find this helpful.


    Mia Taylor

    Well, YouTube has a lot of video lectures, but I don’t think they have any actual exercises you can download and print. There is this site I have been using for my son (lernsys.com) that has both video lectures and practice exercises you can print. If you are looking for both and licensed teachers and not just anyone uploading a video, I would probably recommend to http://www.lernsys.com/en/math-courses. Thanks.



    just sharing. I am using this program Superstar Teacher for my child. Focus on learning Math the Singapore Way. http://www.superstarteacher.com



    Never heard about it before.



    Was introduced by a family friend. My son managed to learn a few math methods from the videos, have to give credit to the teachers for making the lessons interesting.


    Marek Ledvina


    Kids & childrens are very sensitive and fast learning skill in your childhood. we must be do better education and development for our Kids & childrens. Many agencies and online tutoring give you best apps for fast typing app in different devices in app store, mac app store, google play and windows store.

    Choose right apps for your kids!




    Yeah!! I am also looking sites for online learning. Thanks!!



    Hi everyone. I’m from an educational company and we create products that are widely used by homeschooling families. At the moment we are developing an independent course in chemistry which anyone would be able to sign up for. The new thing is that we would be supplying you with an online tutor who could work with the student tet-a-tet, also all users will receive experiment labs which they would be completing at home.
    At the moment we are in need of people who could help us with beta-testing our product. If you are interested or know somebody who may like to take part, please feel free to PM me so I can provide you with further information.
    P.S. Everything will be free of charge for participants.

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