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    Hello! I am a homeschooling mom of three boys, ages 10 1/2, 14, and 17. Due to my health problems, my boys have been in and out of public school, which I much regret. I homeschooled my first two during the early years and then they spent some time in public school. My youngest spent his first 3 years (k-2nd) in public school and has been home for the past two years. We’ve had all three enrolled in online or correspondence public school for those years, which was not my idea. I don’t like PS in any form. It was a compromise between me and my husband. This will be my first year in quite a long time that I will have the freedom to homeschool my way. Very happy about that. I’m thinking I’m going to need someplace to come to get support and ideas, so here I am! :)

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