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    Hi all – I have been slowly working through Sequential Spelling level 1 with my 4th grader. We began last year and are trying to finish it up and begin level 2. But, she dreads it and it has not helped her confidence with spelling. She doesn’t seem to have retained anything and spelling continues to be a challenge for her. Reading has also been a struggle, but she can read on grade level. I’m sure it’d help her spelling if she would spend more time reading, which is why I mention that. I think confidence is her main issue – she asks me how to spell more words than she should. One reason SS hasn’t been working is she doesn’t want to make mistakes. I tell her everyday that the point is to try the word, then correct it right away, but sometimes we spend up to ten minutes waiting for her to try to write a word. We are both frustrated with SS and I need to find something else. I’ve been considering All About Spelling or maybe something simple like Spellwell. Does anyone have any thoughts that may help me decide?

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