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    Sara Carothers

    Here is something I learned while teaching overachievers in the public school setting: more, more, more! I would put about 3 homework assignments on the board at a time – 1 had to be done for tomorrow, the other 2 were “if you finish this, then do that” work. Some of these kids would finish an assignment, perfectly, in a very short time. You as homeschoolers have the opportunity to let your little Einsteins do MORE without having to worry that they will be too far ahead of the rest of the class and be bored.
    Think of supplements and enrichment activities/exercises that you see in a program. Give these kids projects to do on their own! Keep it open-ended like, “Make a video about the kings of England” and see what they come up with! If they want to read about one king in particular, don’t discourage this. If they want to go at a pace above grade level, let them go. Holding these kids back is a big mistake that can easily be avoided. Noone says your 3rd grader can’t do 6th grade work if they are interested and able to do it.
    When we would discuss a topic in my French classes, I had to know my stuff! If not, there was no bluffing. It was a matter of doing some research and coming back to the kids with an answer to their questions. They will test your knowledge and appreciate your honesty when you don’t know something. These children scrutinize, they can’t help it, it is how they are wired.
    You may have a child gifted in one area and performing at their grade level in other subjects. Encourage their curiosity and find them resources to answer their endless questions. The reward is a confident, life-long learner. ~Sara

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