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    Sara Carothers

    Common Core is such an emotional topic for so many of our customers. As a former classroom teacher, I hear from my teacher friends about it and it seems like just another cause to do more paperwork and less teaching. In essence, academic standards are not a bad thing in schools. Homeschoolers can use these as a checklist and keep doing what they are doing – in some states. Some states can do whatever they like, while others have to use materials that are aligned to the CCSS. If you are using a program that you like, and they suddenly state that they are aligned to CCSS, there is something you should ask yourself – did they change any of the content? Sometimes, a publisher will attach a standard to a lesson and not change a thing. This is important to find out. Publishers are in the business of selling books. If schools can only buy materials aligned to standards, it’s business. Find out what, if anything, is different before making a decision to use or not use a program based on Common Core.

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