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    I’ve been homeschooling my son for preschool and I am loving it. We planed to homeschool while pregnant, but I’m still confused on curriculum. Most of it seems extremely religious and while we do believe in God, I would like a curriculum that does not revolve around the bible. My son is hands on learner and I’ve just been pulling things off of the internet to make up his lessons. I also bought the Embark lessons online from K12, but that is way below his level of learning. I don’t mind to much of a few things online, but I’d like to be hands on with him for the majority of the lessons. At least for the first “official” year.

    Is there a good “boxed” type curriculum that would fit this? I would like something that shows me what we need to learn and something that gives me the lessons. Again, at least for the first year. I don’t want something that we have to “check-in” with an online school. I want to move at our own pace. I’m live in TX if that helps. I know this state is more flexible than most.

    Thanks for even reading this far!!! :)

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