We could debate upon test scores, the myths of socialization and more. I can even give you a couple dozen reasons why you should homeschool. Instead, I’d like to use an example from YOUR OWN life…

If you’ve graduated from school, in whatever form, I want you to close your eyes.

Now, picture some of the best learning days you had while in school.


Ok. Now, let me ask you this,

How many of those days included a special workbook page?

How about a spirited recitation of monotonous facts?

How about that awesome film strip to learn about social studies? (*note: For those of you too young to know what a filmstrip is, it’s a stagnant picture projected onto a screen with a sound track generally playing on a cassette tape recorder. At the sound of the “ding” the teacher advances the film to the next frame.)

I’m willing to guess that for the vast majority of you the most memorable learning days of you reading this had something to do with a hands-on project, a field trip, a living piece of literature that took you to another time and place or a teacher who took extra time to engage with you one on one. In other words, you were ACTIVELY doing what you learned, creating something or sharing a connection rather than sitting on your backside, pencil in hand filling out pages of monotonous twaddle or getting blurry-eyed from dry texts.

Am I right?

Homeschooling seeks those memorable types of learning connections and hands-on doing. That’s one of the reason it’s so successful.

Remembering you own key times of learning, why wouldn’t you want those few moments you experienced as a student to be a consistent reality for your children?

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