Tina Robertson has some great advice for anyone just beginning to homeschool! Check out her three-part series, When You Don’t Know Where to Begin in Homeschooling.

Part 1: Reasons

Visualization is a powerful tool because your children will grow up, your homeschool journey will fly by and you want to visualize your end result.

Visualize what type of children you want your children to be when they are grown. It means to ponder the possibilities of your choices.

Part 2: Research

Being concerned with our children’s needs goes to the very heart of our reasons to homeschool. But I if don’t allow enough time to research topics that will come up in our journey, then a lack of conviction or really knowledge could snuff out any spark we have for teaching. Worse yet instead of helping our children to become life long learners, we could possibly impede their love for learning because we did not take time to be educated about homeschooling.

Part 3: Resolve

Avoid isolation. I don’t care if you are homeschooling in a boat floating in the South Pacific, (sounds good actually) live in a frozen tundra for most of the year or live only among where you see more cows than people, you need encouragement, support and inspiration. Attending a co-op may not be an option, but reading blogs, reading books and attending on-line homeschool conventions may be.

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