Ready to start homeschooling your child…but still unsure?

You have all of the books and workbooks. You have all of the supplies and even a cute little area set up to school in. You even have the date circled on your calendar.

But you still have that nagging feeling of uncertainty.

You are not alone! Whether you are embarking on this homeschool journey for the first time or entering your hundredth year (sometime it feels that way, trust me), we all have feelings of uncertainty at some point.

Let’s face it, with all of the homeschooling myths out there and the barrage of questions from well-meaning people (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt), fear is certain to creep into our heads and hearts!

There are so many what ifs…


What if they do not learn anything?

They will, I promise. They WILL learn to read. They WILL learn to add. And if you are lucky they will even learn algebra and how to diagram a sentence. But more importantly they will learn that you love them. And that you are willing to set aside any selfish desires you have to invest your time into them for this season. What better lesson is there?


What if they are unsocialized and have no friends?

Really? I am amazed that people still buy into this one. Unless you plan on hiding your kids in a closet, they will not be unsocialized. If you are concerned, join a homeschool co-op, go to church, or hang out at the local grocery store.


What if I have no friends?

You will be busy, yes, but you will not be alone! Work hard to make time for the friends you have outside this area of your life. Homeschooling mom is what you do, not who you are. Make friends in the homeschooling world as well. You will need the support of someone who understands.


What if they won’t listen to me?

Do they usually not listen to you? If that is the case, homeschooling is really the least of your worries. You might want to spend some time on obedience and character training first.


What if my family doesn’t approve?

If you and your spouse are in agreement, and you must be, then forge ahead. It usually only takes a while for loving and supportive family members to become loving and supportive again. 😉

December and January are months that many former public school supporters rethink homeschooling. If this is you, may we homeschool veterans encourage you and say welcome. Not every day is perfect, but every day is worth it!

Blessings, Michele


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