Everyone has those kinds of days, right? There are multiple appointments that have to be attended. Company is coming and your refrigerator is bare. The kids are sick, the dogs need their shots, and your husband needs you to run an errand for him.

For some, there are even more pressing issues. Hospital visits to make, chronically ill children to attend to. The list can go and on.

Some days just get crazy.

And yet school must go on.


So how do you get it done?

In my 17 years of homeschooling, I can tell you that some days you just skip school and play catch up later. Even public school teachers get teacher workdays- you most certainly can take a few too. But let’s face it, if we didn’t do school every time something competed for our time we would fail as teachers. And our kids would suffer the consequences. Everyone must find their own comfort zone with those kind of days but let me share a few things that have worked well for us.


Have workbooks on hand

I know, I know, not every kid loves workbooks. But there are some days that if a child of mine can open a workbook to the next page and work independently, I call it a success. After all, independent learning is one of our goals, so what better way to foster that than to send them to a workbook on their own occasionally?


Utilize computers

I do not want my child alone in front of a computer all day, but there are a few things we do on the computer consistently. What that means is that when I am not available my kids know exactly how to get to their programs, in our case, Writing, History, and Math, and do them on their own.


School where you are

At the doctor’s office? Do school there! In the car? Do school there! Sick in bed? Invite the kids in with you and do school there. As a matter of fact, my son and I have been doing school for the past few days in my bed while I was recovering from a bad virus. At least he was having fun!


Read books

Whether it is a simple stack of picture books or your child’s favorite chapter books, always having books on hand for them to read can be a God-send. With one of the three core subjects checked off (reading, writing, and arithmetic) you are on your way to a complete school day.


Let the extras go

Give yourself a break. If music, art, and foreign languages do not get taught every day no one is going to die. OK, it may mess up your pretty planner, but it will be OK, I promise. Sometimes we just have to move forward and know that they will learn what they need to learn.


Friends and family

Just like when a public school has to call in a substitute, there may be days that you have to call for backup as well. There are plenty of people out there, whether friends or family, that can fill in as teacher, teach your child something new, or just be an extra set of hands if needed.

After all, everyone’s days get crazy sometimes!