For most people, the decision about homeschool conventions is all about whether to go or not. But for some, it’s also about which one to attend!

If you live in an area like Los Angelas, Dallas, or Nashville, you probably know what I’m talking about. Or maybe you live somewhere in the middle between two big conventions. Maybe you have options you didn’t even know about!

Here are a few ways to narrow down the choices:

Homeschool Convention

1. Research the Convention

What’s most important to you at this point in your homeschool journey? Having access to a variety of vendors to shop & compare products? Attend helpful workshops or talks to learn and be encouraged?

Look up the convention’s website and do your homework. Some may be heavy on the speakers, others will place almost exclusive emphasis on shopping. Perhaps there’s an important speaker you’d love to hear in person that a different convention won’t have.

If the choice is still difficult, find out if any of the conventions will be recording sessions that look interesting to you. You may be able to get the best of both by attending one in person, and experiencing the other digitally.

Homeschool Convention

2. Get Opinions

Reach out to your homeschooling friends and find out what they did and didn’t like about a convention. If you’ve never been to that particular convention, they can give you a taste of what you might be able to expect from it.

Talking to someone who’s been to a convention you’re thinking about going to can also help fill in any detail gaps the convention’s website may be missing.

Homeschool Convention

3. Be Adventurous

Sometimes, you just have to pick one and try it out. The main idea is to use it as an opportunity to connect with vendors and information you care about, as well as meeting other homeschoolers from your area and region.

When my family moved from Georgia to Illinois, we actually went back to the convention in Atlanta we’d attended for several years. That’s another idea: why not make a vacation out of it? If there are landmarks or family to see in the area, you could pick an out-of-state convention and turn it into an educational experience.

Homeschool Convention

Convention Resources

Check out our handy-dandy map of conventions and events around the U.S. if you need help finding options. And for a list of conventions Rainbow Resource will be attending, click here.

If you need some convincing as to why it’s totally worth attending a convention, check out this article. Then, read our homeschool consultant’s guide to Conquering Conventions to make sure you get the most out of it.