For many of us, this is the time of year we really try to hit the books hard. The holidays are over, and now is the time to get down to business. But some of us might be feeling a bit of burn-out.

We see there is an end, but not quite as soon as we’d hoped. So we are continuing on each morning (hopefully with a smile on our face) in hopes to make every day as productive as possible. Today, I would like to send some encouragement your way to spur you on as you joyfully finish out the year.

Remember why you are homeschooling.

When things are hectic and you feel overscheduled, it can be easy to forget why you are even homeschooling. These reasons are different for everyone, but you must have convictions with clear reasons or you never would have taken this leap. If you need a break, make something nice for someone in need of encouragement. Maybe you can schedule in a fun field trip you’ve been thinking about but haven’t taken the time for yet. Some days you might feel discouraged because your children didn’t accomplish much with their books, but I guarantee they’ve learned valuable life lessons in other areas.

Stay organized.

This will help you adhere to a routine as much as possible. There are things that come up to disrupt the norm on a daily basis, but staying organized can help you feel less burdened and stressed. Involve your children in your weekly schedule at the beginning of the week and let them know if there will be busier days. They will then know to hit the books extra hard on the less hectic days.

Plan ahead for meals.

There is a huge difference in my stress level if I have a meal in mind for dinner. By planning ahead, I usually have everything I need for the week and there is no last minute grocery runs. Older children can even join in on planning and preparing of the meals. If we have a full evening schedule, crock pot meals especially come in handy.

Set aside time to enjoy each other once a week.

Taking the time to have a family night strengthens family closeness. Even though you are with each other every day, it’s usually a busy time. Families need time together just to enjoy conversation, play games, eat out, watch a movie, or doing whatever you can enjoy together.

I hope this strengthens your spirits and gives you some clear direction as you finish the year. This year I have been focusing on the word JOY to keep my thought process positive. It’s amazing how the busyness of life can wear you down after a while. But by keeping a positive attitude and taking one day at a time, you can finish the school year strong and with a joyful heart! Happy homeschooling!