It is ‘easy’ to write up a schedule/routine for our children and yet is it real? Is it purposeful? Does real life overwhelm us and the plans that we make fly out the window. Being intentional is based on reality not on fanciful ideas so when we draw up our plans for the day we must take an honest look at what really needs to happen in our days.

As I look back over 15plus years of parenting I came to realize that we have been doing the same thing – as far as scheduling / planning our days go – for at least 14 years. So from the time my oldest was a walking around toddler we have included the same scheduling structure day after day. Obviously the activities have changed, the length of focus time has changed as the children have grown older but the basic structure to my day has remained the same. Let me share it with you.

Relationship Time

Relationships come first in our household. There are two different aspects to relationships: the vertical, where each person in our family develops a personal relationship with God, and horizontal relationships where we relate to each other. Relationship skills that are learnt within the immediate family will come into play as the family interacts with other people and as the children get older and develop personal relationships outside of the family – these are all horizontal relationships.

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