The type of people who homeschool usually have a tenacity inside them that push them forward, to keep going even when times get tough. They are often the ones who are used to going against the flow. Even though homeschooling parents need to have a strength within them to break the mold, there are still questions and fears that plague so many of us.


Am I Qualified To Homeschool?

This is especially common among those of us who attended public school. We have a certain impression in our minds concerning what a typical school experience should look like. But, if you think about it, even within traditional schools, a variety of methods are used. Teachers, schools and districts change methods up once in awhile. We can be comforted in knowing that there is more than one way to teach the same material. Even if we are not teaching our children in the exact same manner that we were taught, they still can excel and hopefully even exceed any level of instruction that we ever gained in our own schooling.

The homeschooling community consists of a plethora of individuals who have either created their own curriculum that they believe will be a good fit for future homeschoolers based on their experience or have compiled a list of resources that have worked for them. What that means is, even if you aren’t a qualified school teacher with a master’s degree in English, simply pick up a curriculum with a scripted teacher’s guide and all you need is provided with those pages. It is more important that you are there for your child as a guide and mentor, to help him learn how to gain skills to be a lifelong, engaged learner. Once he has developed a love for learning, you are golden!


Will My Kids Take Me Seriously?

I have been approached by many parents who want to homeschool but are afraid that their kids won’t listen to them. They struggle with having their children listen in other areas so the thought of having to try and make them obey during homeschooling drives them away. Don’t ever let this fear deter your homeschooling efforts. You’ll never know how your child will react until you try. When you take the plunge and cut ties completely from your private or public school then the decision has been made. Your child will realize that this isn’t a game but a serious life change. Once it is official and it is made clear that the only option at this point is receiving their education from you, the parent, then you must demand respect in this area. It may be difficult at first but it can be done. Once the parent is confident in the decision then the child will be too. If there are problems, it often stems from the parent not knowing what the expect from their child. Don’t be afraid to make it clear what you expect from your child and then follow through, you might be surprised with the results.


What Will Others Think?

We know we shouldn’t worry about what other people think and maybe at first we don’t. But, once other people realize that we are in this for the long haul they sometimes get weird. This is the point when they might start nitpicking and over analyzing everything we do in our homeschool. We need to remember that we are doing this for the good of our children and not worry about the little things that might concern others, even those who are close to us. What might be happening is, these people were never really for your decision and they are hoping you will fall flat on your face. They are scared you are going to succeed and don’t know what to do. Just keep pressing on and when the doubts and questions come from the concerned friend or parent, just ignore them and keep on going!

Homeschooling has its ups and downs. Its joys and pitfalls. Don’t allow these or other questions deter you from this wonderful experience for both you and your child!