We all know that lack of socialization is a common homeschooling myth. What are some of the other popular ones out there?

Recently, I shared an article on the Homeschooling for Free’s Facebook page discussing the so-called “negative aspects” of homeschooling. The article was not well researched, and in fact, mostly false. It’s articles like these that perpetuate the negative image our society has of homeschooling. So with that in mind, I wanted to discuss some of the common misconceptions, from a homeschooler’s point of view.

1. Homeschooling Kids Lack Socialization

Perhaps the most common misconception is that homeschooled children don’t get enough social interaction. I have to laugh at this…apparently, the only place kids can get together to talk and have fun is in public school. What about the neighbors? People at church? Community sports? Scouts?

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