You know those times when you wonder if something you’re thinking of saying is going to come across as rude, offensive, or just upsetting? I’m here to give you an inside glimpse into the mind of a homeschool mom. There are (at least) 7 things you should never say to a homeschool mom – unless you’re trying to see if you can make her head explode, which could be amusing, I suppose.

What about socialization?

Really. We all probably heard this one enough in our first year (or month) of homeschooling to last us a lifetime. We have talked about homeschool socialization ad nauseam. The truth is, we really have to work hard to make sure our kids maintain the stereotypical status quo of being weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.

Not one single homeschooling mom is going to look at a person asking this question and, as the sudden dawning of understanding crosses her face, say, “Oh, my goodness. What about socialization? Why did I never think of that? Quick! Let me rush my little darlings right to the nearest school and get them enrolled.”

Seriously. It’s not going to happen. Our kids have friends. Really. Would you like some bean dip?

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