Homeschooling is a big commitment. It can seem overwhelming at times. Lots of people have advice for how to make your homeschool successful. Today, I want to offer you 10 ways to ruin your homeschool. You know, in case you ever feel a need to purposely sabotage your efforts.

1. Expect all of your children to learn the same way. Just like they all have different personalities, each of your children probably has a different learning style. If you really want to ruin your homeschool, be sure to fail to recognize how each of your children learns best and don’t allow for their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Compare your homeschool to someone else’s. Your family is not someone else’s family. You can make great strides toward ruining your homeschool by overlooking the fact that God put your family together for His purposes. Be sure to look for any opportunity to compare your home, your school and your family to someone else – housework and schoolwork are great places to start.

3. Be inflexible. Kids get sick. Washers break. Curriculum isn’t a good fit. Stuff happens to throw your homeschool day off track. Sometimes, it’s even your homeschool week, month, or year.

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