Let me give you a glimpse into my day. Presently, I teach a fourth grader, second grader and kindergartener (with a baby just starting to crawl!) We begin the day with prayer and then read a chapter out of the Bible. This usually leads to some interesting conversation. My kids are often drawn to the most obscure details causing thought provoking discussion. I usually still have their attention at this point so we work, together, on a nature study or a read aloud. Then, we do Apologia science, all together. After this, we have a quick snack. At this point, they break off to work on their own age appropriate work; math, spelling, reading, etc. For my oldest, this continues after lunch while the younger two are finished by lunchtime.

The most peaceful time of the homeschool day, by far, is when we are all working together on a subject. Even though they are different ages, it is wonderful to see them working, learning and growing together. Yes, there is a time when each each work on their own but my favorite is when we are all together.

Homeschool curriculum designed with multi- levels in mind are usually directed towards students in K-6th. I have found these types of curriculum to be a lifesaver at times when I felt like I was getting stressed and overwhelmed, especially since I began schooling three kids.

I changed methods when the stress of trying to teach three young children, all in different levels was starting to get to me. Combining some of the subjects has been one of the best decisions for our homeschool. This method may not work for everyone, but it sure does for us!

If you have been thinking about consolidating some of your subjects, the list below is a good place to start!

Apologia Science

Apologia is generally science, although they are starting to branch out into other avenues for the older ages. What I appreciate about this curriculum, are the notebooks. They are lapbook style and are sold as junior notebooks for the younger grades and regular notebooking journals for the older students. For each unit you also have the option of purchasing an audio CD, which reads the book aloud.

Golden Prairie Press

This is a history curriculum for children in grades 1-6. Filled with activities, your children will not be bored! There are skits, games, historical songs, recipes and crafts. This is all supplemental to the actual lesson, usually in story form with written questions for the older students.

Golden Prairie Press
My Father's World

My Father’s World

The core of their multi-level curriculum is for grades 3-8, but they do offer curriculum for all grade levels. The Family Learning Cycle in these grades cycle through the lessons over the years with several ages.

Konos Curriculum

Konos works for children in grades K-8 and is a character study based curriculum. Teach your children attentiveness, obedience, orderliness through the unit study method.

Konos Curriculum
Five in a Row

Five in a Row is a literature based curriculum that includes social studies, geography, language arts, applied math, science and art. It involves minimal prep work on the teacher’s part and is engaging for children.