We all know that moms are the busiest group of people on the planet! We are also looking for ways to put more time into our day. May I suggest car schooling? If you’ve never car schooled before, it’s definitely time to you tried this time and sanity saver. Simply put, car schooling is making optimal use of the minutes and possibly hours we spend behind the wheel carting our children here and there. Shouldn’t we use some of that taxi time to our benefit? Instead of looking at time spent driving as lost time, think of it as a way to educate a captive audience!

For many people, reading and writing while in a car isn’t possible due to motion sickness. This doesn’t limit what you can do. Drive time is the perfect opportunity to listen to that audio book or any other educational resource.

We starting car schooling years ago and it has proven to be a wonderful way to keep the academic gears running! Here are a few of our personal favorites that have brightened our trails throughout the years:

Jonathan Park Creation Science adventurer encompassing all genres of science! from Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Oceanography, Archaeology and more! Scientific facts from a biblical, creationists view are skillfully interwoven into a story complete with drama, suspense, and scripture. Young and old will enjoy these gems and continue to ask to re-hear them for years to come!

Most people are acquainted with Susan Wise Bauer’s Classical History curriculum, Story of the World. My kids have enjoyed listening to these cd’s and use them as jumping off points for further historical explorations. These cd sets have accompanied us on many short jaunts and longer cross country trips!

And what drive wouldn’t be complete with some soothing classical music? Learn all about a myriad of Classical composers while partaking in their historical compositions with An Introduction to the Classics. No doubt you’ll find yourself conducting right alongside your kids! This cd’s are great to use in conjunction with studying art and music in the context of history!


Now that we’ve shared a few of our favorite audio resources, what are yours? How do you make the most of drive time?