Some people might think it’s a little too early to start thinking about Christmas but not for me. I like to shop early and get it done. I also like to get my cards written early so I can mail them out on December 1st.

This year we are doing Christmas a little differently. Each year we have given less and less to our children. It’s not that we don’t want them to have all the things. We just think giving to others is more important. We also believe in the true meaning of Christmas. Getting tons of gifts kinda takes away to true spirit of Christmas for us. Plus, they get plenty from their grandparents (it is a ridiculous amount of toys and goodies…trust me).

I came across a cool way of doing Christmas on Facebook. Basically, you do a “something they want”, “something they need”, “something to wear”, and “something to read”. It has really made shopping a lot easier.

Here are some suggestions for each category. Keep in mind, I have all boys. The suggestions will probably be very boyish. I don’t have a clue what to buy for girls but you can kind of get the idea from these suggestions. We also like to do a minimal toy Christmas each year. Like I said, they get a lot from grandparents.

Something They Want

My boys LOVE Star Wars. Absolutely love! They requested some Lego Star Wars sets for Christmas. I am not sure we will do that since they already have a ton of Lego sets as it is. I am considering it though. Rainbow Resource Center has a ton of Star Wars themed items to choose from.

They also love stuffed animals. We came across some stuffed animals that are the shape of their favorite cartoons. They told me which ones they liked the most. I will probably be getting this as their “want” gift.

Something They Need

My oldest son needs a new scooter. I know it sounds silly but the other boys have one and his broke. I think I will get him a new scooter. It may not seem like a true need but for boys, it really is.

Other things I am considering for this category are matching hoodies for the fall. They all need a new hoodie for those days that it is just a little chilly but not cold enough for a coat. They also need new socks and underwear. Haha. That may be a stocking stuffer though (I will write about that next time!).

Something To Wear

If they need a new coat, this is the time to get it. Sure, it may not be deeply discounted but it is for Christmas. You can also shop at local children’s consignment shops for these types of items.

I always give my kids a new pair of nice pajamas. They can give me ideas about a theme. Most likely…Star Wars. LOL! I love having them open this item on Christmas Eve so they can sport their new PJs on Christmas morning. They all look so cute in their new PJs.

Something To Read

Can you guess what books my kids are requesting? That’s right, Star Wars. Again, Rainbow Resource Center has a ton of books to choose from. If the books are the small easy reader kind, I include a few of them. If it is a bigger book, they just get the one.

As my children get older, they need new Bibles. Right now they have little kiddie Bibles that are more like story books. They have been asking for more “grown up” Bibles that have actual Scriptures in them. I really like the Adventure Bible for Early Readers. It is not written in kiddie language. It is called the NIrV version (basically the NIV). It is the one we use for homeschooling. My kids love it but want one of their own.

I hope this helps give you some ideas for Christmas for your little ones. As my kids get older, these lists will surely change. I am enjoying the simpleness of the lists right now. It’s never too early to get a head start on Christmas shopping.