As a history-loving mom, I enjoy exploring the people, places, and events of history along with my kids in our homeschooling units. Ancient history has been especially fun this year!

There are literally hundreds of books and resources on ancient history, and trying to sift through it all can feel just a bit overwhelming… especially when you’re trying to down-size a world of information into bite-size, engaging pieces for young children.

Today, I want to share the books and resources I hand-picked for my four school-aged kids, ages 12, 9, 7 and 5 years.

Ancient History Books

We are using these tools along side our “Creation the Greeks” unit with My Father’s World. I chose each of these items in particular because I feel like they explore the historical personalities and happenings of the ancient world without focusing so strongly on Greek mythology (a major theme in many of the ancient history units I researched).

If you’re looking for ancient history curricula that are Biblical, engaging and geared for elementary and primary students, I hope you’ll look these up at Rainbow Resource Center!


The Story of the World: Ancient Times

My 12-year old daughter is an avid reader, so I chose this classical-style text book for her. The Story of the World: Ancient Times is volume one in a series of classical history books by Susan Wise Bauer.


Alexander: the Boy Soldier Who Conquered the Word

This engaging title by National Geographic definitely qualifies as a “living book!” My daughter was so excited about what she read in Alexander: the Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World that I had to pick it up and read it for myself. This book is a child-friendly biography for independent readers (grades 3-7). Includes beautiful photography of Ancient Greece and beyond.

Ancient History Books


What in the World is Going On?

This amazing audio curriculum from Diana Waring is perfect for audio learners who may not enjoy a text book. I loved Diana Waring’s CD series, What in the World is Going On? when I was a kid, and my kids love it too! We chose the 4-cd set, Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, as a curriculum supplement to our ancient history unit this year. You can find Diana Waring’s history audios and more at


History Readers from Step into Reading

I needed a few books for my younger readers to enjoy, so I chose a handful of readers from the Step into Reading series. So far, we are enjoying

These books do not necessarily present history from a Christian world view, so review them personally before handing them over to your young students.



This book reads like a novel and is geared for grades 3-6. Tirzah tells the story of a 12-year old Jewish girl living during the Jewish captivity in Egypt.


Little Miriam of Galilee

Little Miriam of Galilee is a junior novel, geared for K-3rd grade, and tells the story of a young, Jewish girl living during the time of Christ.


The Bronze Bow

A historical novel written by award-winning author, Elizabeth George Spear. The Bronze Bow tells the story of fictitious Daniel bar Jarmin, who has a life-changing encounter with a Jewish teacher from Nazareth named Jesus. You can find other resources for this book, including an audio CD, teacher’s guide and more, right here. Recommended for grades 6 and up.


Ancient History “Toob” toys

My little boys generally need something to keep their hands busy during read aloud time, so I thought I’d introduce them to the ancient history-themed “Toob” toys. These have been a huge hit in our home!

Ancient History Figures

We own the Ancient Rome Super Toob. Also available: Ancient Egypt Super Toob. View the complete collection of History Toobs available at Rainbow Resource here.

Check out many more ancient history resources for homeschoolers and educators at!