Every homeschooling family has had busy days where we are in the car for long periods of time. Sometimes it is just running errands locally. Sometimes it is going on a long trip. Although we can have peace about just skipping school for the day or doing it when we are home; there are other options to keep our children busy and on top of their work.

Carschooling has become popular in the past couple of years as parents become busier or just have traveling or errands to do. The concept is basically just having your children do their school work while in the car. There are many different ways to incorporate schooling in a car. Here I will give you examples for each subject and how to include them even when you are in the car all day



As you are riding along in the car, look for historical sites and signs. The whole country is filled with history so no matter where you are, there is some history to be discovered. We live on the East coast and it is overflowing with history. Bring a notebook and have a child write down the sites you see and places you discover. When you do get home, look each one of them up. You will be surprised how much your children learn and remember those places when you are riding around town again.



This one is easy: audiobooks. The local library has tons of them. You can borrow an adventurous book like The Chronicles of Narnia or an historical book like Heritage of Our Country. The kids will love listening to these stories as they travel.



License plates are a great place to do some geography. Ask the kids to point out different license plates as you drive along the highway. When they see plates from different states they can identify them on a map. This dry erase map is easy to have on-hand and wipes clean when your travels are done.



There will be animals on your trip. Even if you are just running around town, there will be a squirrel or bird or dog. Talk about each one and try to identify them. Brings along a bird field guide. The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of North America is an excellent resource to keep in the car.



Counting. That is very easy and anyone can do this. Count how many blue cars there are, how many fire hydrants you see, how many stop signs you encounter. This subject is limitless. You can literally count anything…even the minutes it takes you to get to your destination.

Don’t forget that bringing books along for the ride is always a good idea. Having children read to themselves or their siblings can never be a bad idea. If you have workbooks, bring those too. As long as it can be done by the student without assistance (since you will most likely be driving). Pack a bag with coloring books, drawing books, crayons, pencils, and markers. It will be hours of endless entertainment.

Carschooling can be very entertaining and fun. Just make sure to bring lots of snacks! You know us homeschoolers love our second breakfast!