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Carschooling the easy way

Every homeschooling family has had busy days where we are in the car for long periods of time. Sometimes it is just running errands locally. Sometimes it is going on a long trip. Although we can have peace about just skipping school for the day or doing it when we are home; there are other options to keep our children busy and on top of their work.

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Including Your Preschooler

Having a preschooler in the home while homeschooling older children can be difficult. While my three year old is a huge blessing to us, his attention span is not very long. During our “school time” I try to keep him occupied by putting on an educational show or I turn on his Kindle to an educational app. This doesn’t always work for very long. I have had to get creative with him by including him in our school work.

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Creating a Morning Basket – Part 2 – Hymn Study

In this second installment of the Creating A Morning Basket Series, we will be discussing Hymn Study. Hymns are an important part of my family’s homeschool journey. We find it very crucial to learn old hymns and the stories behind them. We also study the author and their life. Too many churches are falling away from singing the old hymns and many people don’t even know some of the popular ones.

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Bird Study – Part 1

One of my favorite finds was Thornton Burgess’, The Bird Book For Children. At first glance, it appeared extremely overwhelming. I decided to try it. I figured I would share a large amount of information and hope that they would grasp what they could. And they have!

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Freebies for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling takes time. And money. Some families I know set aside the same sum you would spend on a private school for materials. Others have a limited budget of only a few hundred dollars a year for resources. Some school for only pennies, using free resources online.

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Multi-Level Resources

Homeschool curriculum designed with multi- levels in mind are usually directed towards students in K-6th. I have found these types of curriculum to be a lifesaver at times when I felt like I was getting stressed and overwhelmed, especially since I began schooling three kids.

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