This is the second portion of Wrestling with the decision to homeschool. In the first section, I mentioned “Ability” as one of the reasons parents are hesitant to homeschool.

A few more points I’d like to mention regarding ability is the option of using virtual schooling for science and/or science labs. Currently there are many companies offering online instruction. If this is something that’s holding you back from homeschooling, an online search should give you a glimpse into the possibilities for your student.

And taking the occasional online class for subject areas that you feel are beyond your scope is a great way to incorporate variety into your child’s learning experience.

Finally homeschooling gives you, the parental teacher, the flexibility and freedom to teach to your child’s learning style instead of your child trying to adapt to the “universal” way of learning.



This can be a tricky one, but doable if you are willing to be flexible. With more and more companies moving into the virtual world, their call centers and administrative work frequently moves online. The days of only brick and mortar, 9-5 jobs are gone. From part-time teaching gigs, transcriptionist work, order taking, and more, online employment may just be the way to help close the money gap.



I saved this one for last as undoubtedly it’s the biggest reason given for not homeschooling! Homeschooling is the best way for a child to be around people of ALL ages. Out in the real world we are not segregated by age or grade level. As responsible adults we interact with all ages every day. So, why shouldn’t learning be the same? Plus with a super flexible schedule that allows the pursuits of multiple interests, co-ops, athletics, arts, and so on the frequency of social interaction only increases with homeschooling. In the confines of the traditional classroom, opportunities to “hang out and converse” are limited. Don’t YOU remember being told “school isn’t a place to socialize?” I do!

While there are many reasons that prevent people from homeschooling, these are the most common. With prayer, research, and knowledge it is possible to overcome these obstacles and trains of thoughts and move into a satisfying season of home educating!<.p>


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