What to do when your child faces lessons with tears? First thing is to assess their heart – are they being stubborn and don’t want to learn, and tears are a good distraction? Or is there something else going on?

I think more often than not this is a situation that requires us to show a little grace. When my kids were young I would often think of all the stuff they were learning… They were learning to read, write, spell, understand, think, ask good questions. They were learning how to make their bed, do the dishes, empty the rubbish. They were learning to listen to stories, listen to devotions, listen to sermons. They were learning to be kind, share, think of the other person. There is a lot going on in their lives!

A little grace might be a good thing!

What is grace? God offers us grace and yet it is a tricky concept. There are many definitions and two that I like to think on are

  1. Unmerited favour – it is God’s grace towards us that offers us salvation.
  2. Empowerment – It is God’s grace that enables us to walk in truth.

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