There are many seasons to homeschooling. Some are academic, some are developmental, but some involve health. Sometimes the health of a child. But, sometimes it’s the health of our spouse or even ourselves.

Homeschooling through sickness is a difficult season. But, with prayer, planning, and help, homeschooling can continue.

In talking to moms who have been through this season, the number one way they say to help is to pray. The power of prayer is incredible! Pray specifically for the sick member, but also for their spouse (if applicable) and children.

“And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.”
James 5:15

Whether it is you, your spouse or one of your children that are sick, it is imperative that you ask for help. The more specific the request you are able to give, the easier it is to get that help. Be it “I need someone to watch my littles at this time while I go to the doctor.” “I need 3 meals each week.” “I need a teen helper to come over and do laundry twice a week.” “I need a friend to call me once a day to check to see I’m still sane.”

Tea for Sickness

On the flip side of this, if it’s your friend in this situation, don’t leave her with “If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.” Of course she needs help! So much so that she probably doesn’t know where to start! Work with your friend to get a list of practicals… food, doctor visits, cleaning, and child care for example. Next, break down the list into workable chunks and then start asking family, homeschooling friends and co-op members to help fill in those chunks.

Getting to homeschooling itself. It’s perfectly acceptable to slow down or stop schooling during this season. If you are not able to stop, then slowing down to just the basics of reading quality literature and math are a good way to keep those wheels turning.

Though I’m not a huge advocate of online programs, there are times where a self-contained, student run, computer graded system works. Depending on the extent of illness, this may be a good fit for the student and family during this season.

Another option, would be to enlist the helping hands of your homeschooling group or co-op to assist you in keeping those academic plates spinning. Perhaps they would make an allowance to continue teaching your children without your direct participation. How about homeschooling friends who could help with schooling as you heal or attend to a recuperating child or spouse?

In these ways, homeschooling during sickness can continue.

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