What type of mum are you? What type of mum do you want to be? We can have airy-fairy ideas of what the ideal mum is like, and we may strive and struggle to be her but in the meantime we are probably missing precious moments of being with the very people that make us a mum! We need to have realistic idea of what a mum is, and keep that in our minds.

As mum we can have expectations on ourselves on how we keep a clean house, how we cook nutritious meals, how we do things for our kids. And being a mum probably does involve those things but are they the things you want your kids to say about you when they stand up and call you blessed. (Prov 31:28)

What do I want my kids to say of me, to know of me? What are the things I want to be characterised by as a mother? I would rather my kids say I was hospitable over saying I was a good housekeeper. I would rather them say that I enjoyed a good laugh instead of them commenting on the fancy food I cooked. I would rather them say I made them think and talk instead of them remembering that I blogged.

Here are five things I want to be characterised by as a mum…

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