In the homeschool journey, I bump into many different types of moms. The On Track Mom, The Running 15 Minutes Late Mom, The Stressed Out Mom and so on. However, the one that seems to be the most sought after is the Fun Homeschool Mom.

This is the Mom who packs her family’s week full of fun and adventure. Who changes plans for a last minute field trip without blinking. Her children have rich experiences and ever changing days.

I know that Mom.

I used to be THAT Mom.

Looking back several years, things changed.  Rather I should say, the season changed. With the birth of a rather demanding child and my oldest entering middle school, it just wasn’t as easy to have so many variables in our schedule.

I found myself doing a lot of letting go of expectations, desires and plans in favor of maintaining peace and order.  It was definitely a different place!

Soon, my oldest moved into high school and there were more changes.  The baby got older and a little more agreeable. Then, there were more changes.

I see now that while my ideal of a fun homeschool mom has changed, The Fun Homeschool Mom has now become Adaptable Mom.  Adaptable Mom works on the flow of the day rather than scheduled events. Adaptable Mom has the freedom to change things up to meet the needs of her family. Adaptable Mom views outings in light of her family unit rather than a means of entertainment.

I AM Adaptable Mom…..and I’m comfortable with that!