If a poll was taken about homeschoolers, you probably would consider yourself a system-bucking, high-spirited, think outside of the box independent thinker and oh by the way we are just average homeschool moms.

Because we genuinely care about raising well-rounded children, we are constantly analyzing our homeschool approach, poring over how-to articles and are trying to think of creative ways to connect with more homeschoolers.

We never want to be one of those homeschoolers. You know the ones that didn’t socialize our kids.

The “art of socialization” is a never ending topic in the homeschool world. I am not even going to go there about the hotly debated term of socialization because I’ll leave that for when I have had more caffeine.

Today, I want to encourage you to think about the stress we bring on ourselves when we try to adopt this world’s view about our children needing socialization.

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