I go all out for our stockings each year. It is my favorite part of the gifts. There are little surprises throughout. Some of it is food, some of it is fun, some of it is educational. I try my best to get a little bit of everything in there. I also wrap every single item in the stockings (including a pack of gum or a pair of underwear). It is so much fun watching my family guess what each item is in the wrapping.

Here is a list of ideas for each category.


Food Items

  • M&M Tubes
  • Gummie Bears
  • hot cocoa packets
  • small container of Goldfish crackers
  • $5 gift card to Starbucks or favorite fast food place
  • small bag of nuts (my kids love cashews)
  • pack of gum
  • Kind Bars
  • bottle of soda (my kids never get soda so this is a real treat)
  • oranges (I put these at the foot of the stocking)
  • small bag of favorite chips or popcorn
  • lollipops


Educational Items

  • crayons or colored pencils in a small case
  • harmonica (this was a favorite last Christmas)

  • watercolor paints
  • Mad Libs
  • flash cards


Fun Items

  • deck of playing cards
  • watch
  • small monster trucks
  • Lego mini figures
  • fun socks
  • yo-yo


Hygiene/Health Items

  • deodorant
  • cologne/perfume
  • chapstick
  • hair gel/hair spray
  • electric toothbrush
  • bubbles for the bath
  • hairbrush/comb


This list is just a small bit of ideas that you could use for stocking stuffers. I choose a couple of things from each category. My family gets a little bit of everything. We love opening our stockings because there are so many fun surprises to unwrap.