Home. It can mean lots of things to everyone. For me, it means love, peace, safety, refuge, and learning. Since my family does just about everything at home, it is important to keep my home filled with Godly things. I especially want our homeschool to be pleasing to God.

Our homeschool motto is taken from Classical Conversations: “To Know God and Make Him Known”. Simply put, God is to be the center of all we do. Putting Him first and making Him our number one priority.

There are many ways to center your homeschool around God. Here are a few things that we incorporate in our home:


Begin each day with the Lord

This one may be tough to get done because mornings can be a little crazy. In between trying to feed the children, feed yourself, get everyone dressed, clean up from breakfast, when is there time to just sit? That’s why I recommend purchasing a family devotional. One that I highly recommend is Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide. It is written by Clay Clarkson (a well-known homeschool author and speaker). This book is truly amazing. It covers 24 biblical values such as authorities, relationships, and attitudes. It also covers biblical character traits. Each day is laid out with a commentary, question, Bible reading, discussion, and pray.

I would suggest reading this during breakfast time when everyone is already at the table.If you start your day WITH God and what His word says, the rest of the day you can be thinking on these things. Your children will also be thinking on these things.


Read The Psalms

There are so many wonderful Psalms. When I start to feel overwhelmed I get out my Bible and turn straight to Psalm. It seems that no matter what I am going through, it always seems to be exactly what I needed to read. It really lifts my spirits when I feel behind, stressed, or dealing with grumpy kids.


Fill Your Home With Scripture

This is something I love to do. While I am reading my Bible I keep an index card and permanent marker (fine tip) close by. If a Bible verse stirs my heart I write it on the index card in pretty handwriting. I either tape it in a specific place to be seen often or I put it on the fridge. I find that I always have them handy and sometimes I send my children to read one when they need it too.

I also have a big wooden picture frame. I painted to wood white and decorated it with buttons (hot glued on), ribbon, and pink painted dots. I put a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper as the background. The glass serves as a dry erase board. I have this on my dresser in my bedroom. I can easily change the Bible verse each week or month to whatever I want. It also looks really pretty.

Having a spirit-filled homeschool is very important to my family. I want to teach my children first and foremost about Jesus and His love for us. I want them to know that God is with us and leads us. I also want to set the example for them. I am with my children more than anyone else. They see everything I do and hear everything I say. Filling them with Godly and Holy things gives them a great start to their lives.