Homeschooling doesn’t allow for much time alone. It is so crucial for me to get in my quiet time with the Lord. If I miss it, I can definitely tell. With three boys under the age of 8, it is very hard to get any peace and quiet at all. I have to sneak in quiet time throughout the day when I can.

Here are some of the ways I sneak in quiet time in the midst of chaos in my house full of boys and noise:

Get up a little earlier than normal

Yes, this one is difficult for me and I don’t do this very often. When my children were babies it was even harder to get up earlier than them. Babies need more attention and can’t occupy themselves for very long. Sometimes I get up early and sit with a hot cup of coffee and pray and read the scriptures.

Send the kids outside for a bit

We have a large, fenced in backyard. We also have a trampoline, swing, play area, and lots of dirt to dig in. My boys love playing outside. I send them out and pull out my Bible and sit at my dining room table while I watch them play. It is quiet in my house while the noise and chaos travels outside. My mind feels at ease and I can read God’s Word without interruption (for a few minutes).

Have a required “quiet” time for the kids

Each afternoon I tell my children to find a spot around the house. They have to separate from one another and grab a book or quiet toy. I grab my Bible and go to my room and read. Sometimes I put on some peaceful music on so I don’t hear if the boys makes noise (cause let’s face it, they WILL make noise).

Ask Daddy to take them for a few minutes after dinner

Sometimes I ask my husband to play with the boys after dinner so I can relax for a few minutes. He willingly takes them because he knows how little time I get to myself. I like to sit in my chair in my room and read for bit.